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Maybe tomorrow

I'll find my way home

Jason Harris
20 September 1983
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Age/DOB: Sept 20, 1983

Personality: Sex, drugs, alcohol, you got it, he'll do it. And when he does it, he does it to the extreme. It's not a cigarette, it's a whole box. It's not one girl, it's three. Jason is the epitome of an addictive personality. Despite the drug use and the serial sexing, Jason is a good person who cares about his friends and what they think of him. He loves his mother, though isn't as fond of his father, and would do anything for her (except come home to both parents)

Nicknames: Jay, Jace, Jaybird
Life and Times
History: Jason was born to Denise and Derrick Harris of Albany, New York on September 20th, 1983. They were a young couple, not quite ready for a family. Derrick and Denise were both prone to spending nights on the front porch with neighbors, drinking well into the night. Jason grew up watching as his parents drank their way towards liver damage.

Despite the heavy drinking, Jason's parents were good parents. They kept him clothed and fed and gave him love. But when Derrick got hurt at his construction job, things started to go downhill. Denise became the sole provider and Derrick's worker's compensation checks went straight towards the bills. Derrick sunk into a depression and started to self medicate with alcohol, so much of Denise's money went towards beer and cigarettes.

And Derrick became an angry drunk.

By the time Jason was 16 he hated his father. And by the next year, he was out of the house. He met some kids at a local private school and started to hang with them. They were into the party scene and liked Jason because he made their parents nervous. They made him feel like part of the elite.

It was through these friends that Jason's bad habits started developing. Binge drinking and chain smoking. Sex with a different girl every other night. Then one of his friends scored some cocaine. And then the heroin came onto the scene.

The cocaine didn't stick with Jason but the heroin did. He spent the last year of high school drugged out of his mind and only made it into college because he was naturally smart. Pure luck.

He applied for colleges as far from home as he could get. He was accepted into University of Houston and packed up his things to fly across the country to become an english major. His intentions are t become a journalist, maybe a film critic.

His heroin habit stayed. Jason wasn't as okay with his addiction. Drinking and partying, that was acceptable. Having sex all the time became a running joke. But his new crowd wasn't into the drug scene that his old crowd was. So he kept it secret. He continued to use in the privacy of his own small apartment.

His friends include Elliot Jones, Corinne Devereux and Morgan Kleinschmidt. He met Morgie during his first days in Texas, they lived in the same apartment complex. He met Corinne through school. Morgan introduced Elliot from one of her school courses to Jason and Jason introduced Morgan and Corinne. Now, they're all a tightly knit core group of friends. He dreads the day any one of them discovers his drug habit.


SPN Haven
Jason is a character on an offsite RP called Superntural Haven.

Portrayed by Ryan Gsling.
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